Antique Gas Station Design Phone, by Jeongho Kim. Maxwell 3D Resources

Gas Station Design Phone
Antique Gas Station Design Phone

3ds Max + Maxwell Render + Photoshop

 Jeongho Kim' Portfolio, by 

Free 3D Furniture, by XOIO. Maxwell 3D Resources

Free 3D Furniture, by XOIO

I would love to have one of these, I mean, non-virtual: Desk, chair, hardware, light, … should be nothing left to be desired for your creative-office-scene.

The whole model is done in 3ds Max 2011.

Free 3D Furniture classic, by XOIO. Maxwell 3D Resources

Free 3D Furniture classic, by XOIO

This set of 3 classics always fits. We remodelled them quite a while ago and have since used them in tons of visuals. Guess you can’t go that wrong with them. We hope they are as useful for you as well!

The scene is done in Max 2010

Virtual Ideas Pink Panther Watch, by Julien Soret. Maxwell 3D Resources

Virtual Ideas Pink Panther Watch
Rhinoceros + Maxwell Render

Virtual Ideas
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